11 East Tips For Moving With Fragile Items

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Moving can be a very nerve racking process and moving with fragile items can further elevate your nerves and add on to the moving anxiety.

You need enough time to pack your fragile items into their specific boxes carefully to avoid last minute rushing and ensuring everything gets to your new home in one piece. Taking precautions will reduce/ avoid breakages. You can also hire moving experts to reduce the stress of moving with fragile items and let the team safely handle your items.

  1. Identify and separate the fragile items

Preparation is key; a lot of time and attention is needed in moving fragile and precious items. Once you identify what needs to be specially packed, put them aside to dedicate enough time to pack and label the boxes, store them safely in a room.

  • Source for the right packing materials.

Fragile items and precious items require special packing materials. You will need to invest in good quality bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, padding, packing tape, packing boxes.

  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items

They are easier to handle and less likely to allow items to shift around inside of them when moving, fill in any extra spaces in the box with padding.

For very heavy, delicate or fragile pieces only put one piece per box & fill the spaces in the box with padding.

  • Pack the Heaviest Items at the bottom

Arrange the items from largest to smallest so as to add more support to the base and so that the smaller items will not get crushed. The bottom of the box should also be secured with extra tape to avoid any heavy contents bowing out of the box “double-tape the box”.

  • Layer the Bottom of the Box with Soft Packing Material

You can use towels, blankets, packing paper, bubble wraps, foam to cushion the bottom of the box and fill in any remaining empty spaces with padding. This will avoid shifting of items and breakages during the moving process.

  • Get Cardboard Dividers for Glassware

For glasses, lighting and ceramics wrap each item in paper, and separate them with bubble wrap. Dividers are suitable for glasses & stemware to avoid colliding and shifting with the other pieces.

Glasses, vases, jars & other items with hollow spaces should be filled with packing paper to reduce vibrations.

  • Wrap Each Individual Item Separately

Glasses, plates and fragile decorative items should be wrapped individually. Remove any loose pieces for example: lids, and wrap them separately. Very delicate items can be wrapped with bubble wrap and secured with tape.

  • Moving with Artwork

Wrapping paper is best in wrapping artwork; many layers should be used, & the corners should be additionally protected with bubble wrap. This should then be properly secured with moving blankets.

  • Use as much Packing Tape as You Can

After packing the fragile items in packing paper or bubble wrap, do not be afraid to use a generous amount of packing tape to keep the wrapping intact and the items from colliding & breaking during the moving process. This will add in some additional support to avoid any unwanted fall outs.

  1. Clearly label the contents of each box

All boxes containing fragile items should be very clearly labeled as such. Separate these boxes and instruct the movers to handle them gently with care. The labels will ensure that these boxes are packed accordingly, stored on top of others, and safely secured in one place carefully.

  1. Outsource A Moving Company

If these tips are too complicated and overwhelming, do not hesitate reaching out to the Space Move team. Working with a moving team will help reduce all the stress involved with moving with fragile items.

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