Decluttering When Moving, What You Need To Know

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Moving out can be stressful and demanding. Big Question: why go through all the hassle of moving all your stuff only to eventually get rid of it in your new home? It is believed that ‘Decluttering your surrounding helps declutter your mind’. Start decluttering today! It doesn’t matter if you’re moving tomorrow, next week , in three months, etc., you have to start now! Prior planning is important to keep your move day as stress-free as possible

Here are a few tips for decluttering when Moving, Space Move Kenya advises on;

Plan in Advance

Decluttering/ Downsizing a house with many rooms or a lot of stuff can be exhausting and demotivating. This is why you’ll need to start small. Don’t kill yourself trying to declutter an entire room at once, tackle small spaces daily. Watching the progress you make & the pile of unwanted junk you’re getting rid of/ donating/ gifting/ selling, will keep you motivated about your future sessions.

Preparation is Key

For every room gather three boxes – one for stuff you will retain, one for stuff to get rid of, and one for stuff to gift/ donate/ sell. You can also have a pile of items you are not so sure of and you can sort them later. Label the boxes and drop the items into one of the boxes, this will help ensure a seamless process.

Necessities Box

It is also important to have a necessities box where you’ll drop all the essentials for use during the move day eg: moving tools; hammers, pliers, toiletries, sanitizers, handwash, etc. to avoid confusion on moving day.

Avoid hoarding items not in use

It can be very tempting to keep everything but being honest with yourself will ease the process significantly. Using the ’12 Month Rule’, Set aside the items that have not been used in over a year, you will probably not need them hence you can gift/ donate/ sell them. Save space in your new home to avoid congestion with stuff you do not need.

Get rid of broken/ worn out/ duplicate/ expired items

All the toys, shoes, clothes, kitchenware, furniture, electrical appliances etc that are broken/ worn out and are no longer in use, need to be disposed. You can gift friends/family duplicate items eg: if you have two blenders, you can gift one. Expired foods, medicines, cosmetics that are near or past their expiry date need to be thrown away immediately to avoid health hazards.

Shred unwanted paperwork

Eg: old cards, invitations, outdated magazines, newspapers, bills, and letters. You can also scan important documents to keep them backed up and save on space.

Sentimental Items

It is definitely easier to get rid of stuff you never liked than those with sentimental value. Tackle the harder decisions last to avoid frustration and demotivation.

Benefits of Decluttering when moving

By decluttering before moving houses/ offices, you will be amazed at how much simpler the move becomes. There are many benefits to decluttering before you move:

  • Cost saving – More things to move will increase the cost of moving and workforce involved. At Space move, the less you have to move, the less it will cost you to move because less is spent on packing supplies and removal costs.
  • Time saving & stress free moves – Downsizing takes time to complete but later, the movers will be able to pack & unpack much faster thanks to the reduced number of items for transit. This will reduce the overall stress of getting settled in your new home.
  • Earn some money when you sell some of the duplicate/ unwanted items in your old home.
  • Save space in your new home – Space management is key especially when moving into a smaller home or trying to be in an organized environment.

There you go! Your ultimate guidelines by Space Move to decluttering before your move. Getting ready to move and don’t know where to start? Contact Space Move Kenya and let our moving experts give you a seamless move to your new destination! .Contact us on +254701228538.

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