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The novel COVID-19 has taken a toll on many businesses & stopped normal routines; daily livelihoods, and jobs across the globe. While trying to factor in the social distancing and WHO precautionary measures, many have struggled to find the right moving company to assist in Moving during the pandemic. Especially during this period when life has become unbearably expensive, many jobs lost, and many are moving to look for more economic living and working shelters.  How does moving during a pandemic work, and most importantly—is it safe to make the move?

Outlined below are some of the common questions asked by clients at Spacemove Kenya;

  • Are moving services still available?
  • Should I postpone my move?
  • How do I keep safe?
  • Safety measures Spacemove is taking to prevent the spread of the virus?

Are moving services still available?

Yes. The Government of Kenya has not issued any restrictions against the operation of moving companies. At Spacemove Kenya, we are in full operation and are a call away to move you to your destination. The only difference this time is the client experience including social distancing, frequent sanitizing, wearing of masks, and washing hands that we are all required to adhere to as the new norm.

Should I postpone my move?

Sometimes a moving date is not flexible especially if you have a lease ending or if you previously sold or purchased a new home with an upcoming closing date. Worry not, our Spacemove team is well-trained to observe the precautionary measures from the point of meet until you are settled into your destination.

While life has drastically changed for both individuals and businesses, many have been compelled to move to other areas or counties across the country to look for favorable living and working environments.

How do I keep safe?

Your health and safety should always be your no. 1 priority. If you are considered to be in a high-risk group; above 60 years of age & those with pre-existing conditions eg: HBP, diabetes and asthma among others, you can consider postponing your move or using alternate moving options, such as using your personal vehicle.

If your moving date is not flexible, it is advisable you work closely with a moving company that is keen on observing the WHO and Ministry of Health guidelines. At Spacemove, we believe in safety of both our clients and our employees.

Moving companies are also now offering virtual surveys to give you a pre-quote/ price estimate for your move.

What Precautions is Space move taking to prevent the spread of the virus?

While it has become mandatory to adapt to the new norm, Space move Kenya works with a team of well trained professionals on the safety measures to observe before, during and after the move. Below are the precautionary measures we have put in place to curb the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

  • Complying with the WHO & national guidelines around social distancing and avoiding physical contact.- we advise our clients to delegate one person to be present during the move day to oversee smooth operations.
  • Sanitization – Frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment before and after a move. The Spacemove team also conducts briefings before a move to ensure all precautionary measures are observed before handling clients’ equipment. Our trucks are equally stocked with hand sanitizers.
  • Conducting virtual surveys instead of in-home surveys to provide our clients with price estimates to reduce the chances of physical contact.
  • Frequent employee health checks to prevent the spread of the virus. We make sure our employees have passed all health checks necessary before assigning them any tasks.
  • Wearing masks at all times during the move and avoiding handshakes when meeting clients and the team at large.

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, life must go on. Choosing a moving company that will observe first-hand safety measures to get you and your equipment to your destination safely is key. Content in this blog is subject to change depending on the Government of Kenya’s guidelines, Space Move Kenya advises its readers to kindly check with the government websites to get up-to-date information. We will keep updating the site with new moving guidelines or any significant changes to the industry as they occur.

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