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2020 has been a challenging year filled with lots of uncertainty especially with the world having to adapt to the COVID 19 new norm. With the changing business environment, many enterprises have been forced to relocate. But are they ready for the challenges that come with office moves?

Thousands of businesses move offices every month across Kenya, but only a fraction of those moves go smoothly. Proper planning and communication is key between clients and employees to avoid confusion and potential loss of business. It is important to start your journey by acknowledging that there will be shortcomings, smooth office relocations need a team of professional movers to ensure a successful move.

“Every move has its ups and downs.” Let Spacemove, give your business a smooth and efficient relocation and fully set you up in your new office without losing revenue.

Here are some steps Spacemove will take for seamless office relocation.

1. Draft a checklist of your move including the action items and assigned individual roles.

2. Take a detailed inventory of all assets and equipment before the move.

3. Reach out to all utility providers and servers to inform them of the relocation to migrate all communication services.

4. Arrange documents safely, and office-based computer & IT systems so they can integrate smoothly with the new network.

5. Organize for phone and internet installation at your new location to avoid interruption of business services.

6. Before the move, we evaluate the current operations of communications, servers, and equipment to ensure smooth operations before and after the move.

7. Safely pack equipment into boxes and requisite materials and loading them into the moving trucks.

8. Setting you up in your new office and ensuring you and your team are settled in without you having to lift a finger.


It is crucial that an office move doesn’t cause business interruption. Office relocation can be stressful, at Spacemove we specialize in giving businesses smooth and seamless office relocations without a hitch. Book your move with us on +254701228538 and let us give you a stress and hassle free office relocation.

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