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You are looking for extra space in your home or you want to get rid of items you don’t use. Here is a bright idea, put it into storage and warehousing. Whether you choose a storage company or you have some extra space where you can put it all away, you need to know how to pack. So here are some tips that will definitely make packing easier.

1. Decide on items for storage.
Before you can put anything for storage, it is only logical that you know what you want to be put aside. Obviously the choice you have to make is going to be made by how frequent you need the item, how useful the item is currently and the value of the item financially or otherwise.

2. Create an inventory.
Once you decide what you want to have in storage. You need to make an inventory to take stock of all your items and to make whomever you store your items with accountable for any damaged or lost items.

3. Get the packing materials and tools.
Depending on the period of which you are going to store your items, you are going to need to get the right material. Also in regard to the type of items you are preparing to store. This maybe boxes, containers, bubble wrap etc. The point is to have the items on hand. You are also going to need tools to disassemble furniture if of course there are any.

4. Prepare the items for storage.
As we’ve already established putting items away for storage, for whichever reasons; you will find that it will be sometime before you reuse those items again. Therefore it is important to preserve the items in its current state to avoid losing precious possession.
You could for example wash dishes and dry them before packing them. Disassemble large furniture. Use bubble wrap foe fragile items and electronics. The goal is to preserve the items purpose when you decide to get it out of storage. Let Spacemove handle all this for you, contact us today!


5. Pack them.
Use the inventory to pack the items for storage. Label the boxes and avoid packing boxes to the top. Do not pack hazards for storage.

Now that you have everything packed, if you are low on storage space, do not fret, Spacemove Kenya offer comprehensive Storage and warehousing facilities located along Kiambu Road, Kenya.


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