How to Prepare for a Move

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1. Preparing for a move is Key

It’s important to prepare a to-do list of everything that needs to be done for a smooth, flawless move. Securing a date is Step No 1. Are you moving with kids? Will you need to hire a cleaning crew to clean your home once it’s empty/ your new location prior to your arrival? Do you have pets? If necessary call the phone, electric, internet and water company to have guidelines about how to move with these utilities in place. Preparing for a move involves a process that is best started early. Last minute rush can cause several inconveniences.

2.  Involve your Children

Comforting your children during the moving process is important. Show them their new home, walk them through their expectations and concerns. Let them have a say in what color they would like their bedrooms to be. Let them get familiar with the new home and neighborhood. Children love to feel involved and a part of the process. It is important to pack the things that matter to them – their sentimental items, favorite stuffed animals, blankets, some of their toys.

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3.  Declutter unwanted goods

Decluttering your surrounding helps declutter your mind’. Start decluttering today! It doesn’t matter if you’re moving tomorrow, next week, in three months etc., you have to start now! Prior planning is important to keep your move day as stress-free as possible.

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4.  Research for a moving company

Hiring a professional moving company will save you a lot of time, work and hassle on your move. All moving companies are not alike. They differ in many ways. Interview various companies to learn about their fees and their policies. Moving can be very expensive.  Discuss with them how much it would cost to pack & move your belongings. Ask questions, as many as you have. Do they charge per box, per hour, by distance? Get it in writing. Whatever you agree to must be documented in writing. You have a lot at stake. Best moving companies are the ones that will simplify the process of preparing for a move.

Depending on the distance involved as well as the amount of heavy and bulky items you have to move, it can be a very smart decision to hire professional movers. We, at Space move Kenya, try to make your move as seamless as possible. Contact the Space move, Kenya team on +254701228538 for more enquiries.

5. Preparing Your New Home for When You Move

Your new office/ place should feel like home from day one by checking these items off your list before you move.

Clean, paint, and insure your new home

It’s much easier to paint before your home is full of packing boxes, to ensure it’s in the best shape before the moving day.

Transfer utilities before moving

Electricity, gas and water should be at the top of the list followed by TV and internet service. If possible before you move transfer your utilities to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Set up trash removal for your new home

Moving can be very messy, it is important to contact the local trash and recycling removal companies for your new home (if needed). Someone has to cart away all those boxes!

Shop for items for your new home

Now is the best time to upgrade your furniture, replace items that don’t fit your new space, and invest in new items for you and your kids. Change what you need to in your new home e.g.: the floor, the ceilings to your taste so that it feels as homely as the previous home.

6. Pack a Move Day Suitcase

Pack the most important and essential items together in one suitcase – for you and the family -clothes, medicine and toiletries. This way, should you require anything you won’t have to cause a mess unpacking all the boxes in no order.

7. Tie up any loose ends

If you’re leaving the neighborhood, remember to notify your landlord to get your security deposit back, bind all your important documents together, update your mailing address/ subscriptions, prepare your new home security system, pick all your clothes up from the dry cleaner and return any library books you have.


Preparing for a move will save you a lot of time and costs involved in the process. Let Space move give you a seamless move from beginning to finish without having to lift a finger. Yes, that’s right!

Space move is located in Nairobi, Kenya and guarantees you 100% safety in handling your goods. Book your office & house moves today with Space move, Sit Back & Relax and let our team handle your entire move.

Spacemove, the best move you’ll make!

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